Schema Layer

The schema contains the information required to structure the model. It is used by model layers to specify which schema layer can be used to create objects. The schema layer contains a single root package.

Property Package

Property package are used to structure the property collection types used to create a schema in a folder structure.

Property Type

Property types are used to define the basic types used to build properties such as boolean, integers and strings. Those types are defined in the default schema model under the org.deduced package. While it is possible to create new types, their implementation require changes in the deduced framework. Therefore, very few users of the deduced library should need to create new types.

Property Collection Type

A property collection type is used to define objects in the model layer. It contains a list of property instance that define the properties that are contained within it. It is also possible to make property collection types inherit from each other. Multiple inheritance is allowed. The resulting model created from the type will contain all the properties defined in each class in the hierarchy tree. A list of rules is used to define how the collection will behave.

Enumeration Property Collection Type

Enumeration property types define a list of values that can be assigned. The list is defined in the literal list attribute.

Property Instance

Property instances define each attribute of the property collection. They contain the following information:

  • A property type that defines what kind of attribute will be stored.
  • A validation model used to restrict the values allowed.
  • A flag to indicate if the property is contained as a reference or as a value.

Property Collection List Instance

Property list instances define an attribute that will contain a list of property collections. The information on the type of collection contained in the list is stored in the list fixed instance.