Deduced Framework 2.1 Limits

This section documents the known limits of the deduced frameworks.

The project is open for contributions. If you would like to help improve things, please send a message to the deduced developers mailing list .


Applications created with the deduced framework are currently single threaded. They use the AWT event queue to handle events. Since deduction rules are independent of each other, it is possible that future versions of the framework will use multiple threads to execute rules concurrently and leverage CPUs with multiple cores.

This threading model implies that deduction rules that require a large amount of CPU time will freeze the user interface while they execute.

Application Size

Application size is currently limited by the memory allocated to the Java virtual machine executing the application. Creating too many objects will create out of memory exceptions and lead to unpredictable behavior.

Native View Layer Widgets

The view layer currently implements a fraction of the available widgets in most visual library. Those widgets are also implemented in a simplified version that restricts customization. It is possible to extend the framework to implement other desired widgets and behaviors. Note that the Web View model uses more generic widgets in it's implementation which facilitates customization.

Native View Layer Implementation

The view layer is currently implemented in Swing. It would be possible to implement a SWT version in the future. The native view layer only supports a small set of view component models. They are : QuickChartPanel, SplitPanel, TabbedPanel, TreeView, TablePanel and Frame.

Web View

The web view only supports one user at a time. If multiple users connect, their user interface will become inconsistent. Editing most of the layers of a web view must be done through the swing interface.

Web View Layer Implementation

The following native view layer widgets aren't supported : QuickChartPanel, TabbedPanel, TreeView (uses the more flexible Tree model), TablePanel and Frame.


The deduced live application editor usability has some room for improvement. For instance, troubleshooting deduction rule execution problems could be easier. It is expected that usability of the user interface will improve in the future.